Our society has reached a point where we no longer understand the importance of tribal and community living. “It takes a village” to raise a child and the village is what we need to regain, if we want to bring harmony back to our lives and relationships. If we want our children to grow in healthy, kind and caring human beings, we must change the way we build and maintain our families. On one side parents are enforced to separate from their kids, on the other they are forced to create unnatural connections hence feeling stressed and grown away. What we need is a freedom within a new social design that will allow us to reconnect within our families and communities and live free, unlimited and “whole-family” lives as we desireThe digital epoch we are entering now gives us a great change to break the old structures, replace non-functional labour & educational models and use time and potential we have for us and our loved ones, just as we need.

Work from any place, live wherever you want whenever you need, travel, explore or sit still. Find your like-minded neighbours, colleagues or (school)mates, or be on your own. You are the architect of your village.