From the very first moment we hear mother´s heartbeat, feel her joy and fear or see the smile in her eyes, we learn about the world we are coming to. So tremendously exciting and fascinating and yet so well-known and natural. The hidden one that has been protecting and nurturing us is now standing here as our guide, councellor, safe harbor and the only one to trust. If she doesn´t fail us, nobody ever will. If she holds us long enough, we will find strength to stand up and hold others. If she listens carefully, we will speak up and listen back. If she talks to us with respect and grace, we will understand and learn how to respect others. If she fills us with love, we will trust the life and spread love further.

So easy to say, yet sometimes so hard to fulfill. If you have lost connection with your child or have never found any, no strategies or tactics will help you. Only through real empathy, understanding and kindness can you reconnect with your child and teach her fly freely.  

The wings our children will spread one day before their first flight, the wings that will once provide shelter for someone else, these wings are woven from feathers we have plucked from our ones. Never regret them.

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