Transition to Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet (Consultation)


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In this consultancy we focus on your diet, eating habits and overall health. No matter if you are expecting a baby, breastfeeding or just getting ready to become pregnant. All these life periods are enormously demanding and so is your diet and lifestyle.

I will show you how to prepare complex and nutritious meals, what suitable supplements are on the market and what which ones should be left aside, which herbs and natural remedies can be used and how and when. Real food will provide not only enough nutrients for you and your child, but can prevent many health complications (eczemas, candida, hormonal imbalance, blood pressure etc.)

I have experience with standard diet, vegetarianism, paleo and GAPS, however my best recommendation is based on vegan and whole-food plant-based diet. I will provide you with many delicious and easy recipes, scientific studies, shopping lists and any support you will need. I am open to discuss other diets as well, but will not recommend them (and will tell you why!).


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