How to Cure Tooth Decay Naturally (Consultation)


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Tooth Decay occur in children more and more often nowadays and allopathic dentistry doesn´t have solutions and answers that all parents so desperately seek. If you do not want to be just an observer and do not want to accept very well known myths about breastfeeding and bad oral hygiene causing tooth decay, I will show you tools, which you can actively use to combat the decay. You will understand thay (not only) oral health is a complex mechanism of many factors and we always need to look at it holistically.

Consultation is suitable for all – those who are already addressing some issues or those who just wonder how the child´s teeth were designed, how they develop, what they expect us (not) to do and why breastfeeding does not cause the dacay. I will present non-standard (yet scientifically proven) approach to teeth nutrition, how tooth decay is really developed and many practical tips how keep teeth healthy and clean, how to halt decay and demineralization or how to reverse it.


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