Sling Hire (CZ)



Would you like to try babywearing, before you buy your own sling? Let´s hire it! During a few days you can try different carries, see how you can handle various situations while carrying your baby, feel the particular material, length etc. and decide, if you want to invest in your wrap.

If you are already experienced and want to try something new, you can hire more wraps and compare one against each other.

Slings currently on offer:

  • Madalo Sombra Verde (ring sling), cotton, double-eye, size 2
  • Madalo Acquario Negro, cotton, handwoven, mini diamond, size 4
  • Madalo Reina Blanca, cotton, handwoven, mini herringbone, size 7
  • Indajani Binni Pink, cotton, handwoven, diamond, size 7
  • Sestrice Herbst Merlot, tencel & merino, size 6
  • Yaro Four Winds, cotton & flex, size 5
  • Babylonia, organic cotton, size 6
  • Girasol, organic cotton, size 7

Sling are always washed after return in ecological non-toxic soaps, you don´t have to take care of any washing or cleaning.

Sling is rented for 3 days against a guarantee of 3.000 CZK. If you do not manage to return the wrap on time and we do not agree otherwise (upon notification in advance), you will be charged 100 CZK for every other day (up until 30 days, when the guarantee is paid off).

If we send wrap by mail, the cost is not included.


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