1-on-1 Birth Online Course



The Individual Antenatal Online Course offers complete and full-scale information needed for healthy pregnancy and gentle & natural birth. The style and content will be as unique as every woman and every family. We will work closely together, in order to ensure you get exactly what you need.

I will introduce to you all key topics and you will decide how deeply you want to go in each of them or if you want to skip some. If you like the evidence-based medicine, we can talk science, include anatomy, physiology and medicinal approach, f you want to discover spiritual and emotional aspects of bringing a baby to this world, we can focus more (or solely) on psycho-emotional tuning, meditations, relaxations and connection with the baby.

Content and time in which you will finish the course is only up to you. The aim of this course is to ensure you that things happen the way they are meant to, get you rid of all fears of upcoming days and months, awake self-esteem and make you trust in your body, Nature and the whole process of creation.

I will guide you to your maternal strength and women intuition that will further lead you to your own decisions independent on information from the outer world. You will feel and really istinctively know what is the right way for you. You will awake a connection with your baby, Nature and ancient concept human evolution.

My recommendation is to start the course as soon as possible so that there is a lot of time for all our discussions and sharing. But don´t hesitate to start anytime, it is never too late!


  • The course consists of 6 online sessions and each of them lasts  90 – 120 minutes, which means up to 12 hours altogether.
  • You will receive additional downloadable materials (e-books, mp3s, practical tasks…).
  • Continual email support.



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