Birth Doula Services



I work with all mothers to be, those planning a natural, cesarean or VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) delivery, whether it be in your home, birth centre or hospital.

The role of a birth doula is to support the mother continuously throughout labour with emotional stability and physical comfort; giving the mother information so she and her partner can make informed decisions. Having a doula present helps to lower the risk of interventions, inductions and less need for pain relief. As well as making your partner more at ease which will bring a calmness in the room.

Birth doula services:

  • First meeting is to get to know each other, your partner can come along also and is strongly encouraged to (free of charge)
  • At least one face to face visit, what topics we go over vary client to client depending on their individual needs (fee included in total price / 500,-)
  • Unlimited support – txt, call or email service, regarding pregnancy or labour
  • 24/7 phone service from 38 weeks till you go into labour. I will consider myself on call for you at this time (fee included in total price / 2000,-)
  • Continuous support during the actual birth  (doulas do not change shifts so I am with you till your baby is in your arms)
  • Creating a birth ‘wish’
  • 1 home visit after baby is born

In case I cannot come to your labor (for any reason on my or your side), you can use my services as a Virtual Doula.


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