Breastfeeding Online Support



This package of continuous support while breasfeeding is for all mothers who want to be sure they have always someone close by to talk to and a counselor who can provide them with information and encouragement.

Within this service I will be almost non-stop (8 am to 10 pm) ready to answer any of your calls, emails or chats, will provide necessary information, give advice and help in case complications occur, up until 2 months after birth.  We communicate usually by email, chat, text messages or by phone (up to 15 minutes).

This package is suitable especially for women who have never gone through any antenatal and/or breastfeeding course, but even those who have done that can hugely benefit from this, as continuous coaching and support is essential, can help enormously in the beginning and have already saved many mothers from giving up.

This type of consultancy is expected to be rather shorter, but more frequent and is aimed more on specific problems and questions, rather than general education. Questions that can come up are e.g. Is this medication compatible with breastfeeding? Is this frequency good or should I breastfeed more often? Is the color of this stool ok? Baby got a rash, can that be from my milk? My pediatritian said I should add liquids, is that right? Can I use the pacifier? Etc.

Even though breastfeeding is one of the most natural things in the world, it needs a lot of support, as well as women, who decided to go this way. It will be my pleasure to be there for you, help you through out these intense moments and listen to all you need to share.


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