Breastfeeding Consultancy (Home Visit)



Individual home visits are intended for all mothers who need help with a specific problem (sore nipples, bad latch, baby losing weight etc.) or just want to check, if everything is going well. We can meet in the maternity hospital right after birth to ensure optimal conditions and a good start, or later at home.

First I check the whole breastfeeding cycle, assess latching on the breast, position and overall situation. If there are any doubts, we find the best solution how to make sure you will breastfeed successfully and your baby will be getting enough milk. Although breastfeeding is one of the most natural and instinctive actions in human lifes, many complications can occur and we are here to help you overcome these hard times.

The standard length of the initial consultation is 90 minutes, in order to have enough time for both the assessment and practical training. If possible, we plan the meeting time according to baby´s schedule and activity. However, this is highly unpredictable and therefore the length and content can change accordingly.


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