Babywearing Course – Advanced



Individual advanced babywearing course is mainly for those who already have some experience with babywearing and want to learn more new carries, but also those who want to start carrying their older kids can enroll, skip the newborns wraps and get straight to “hammocks” and “rucksucks” and back carries.

It´s only up to you what carries you will want to learn, some of those you can choose from are:

  • Double front cross carry (front carry)
  • Double back cross carry (back carry)
  • Kangaroo (front carry)
  • Ring-sling with rings (hip carry)
  • Ring-sling with a knot (hip carry)
  • Poppin´s Hip Carry (hip carry)
  • Robin´s Hip Carry (hip carry)
  • Batoh klasický (back carry)
  • Reinforced Rucksuck (back carry)
  • Double Hammock (back carry)
  • Back Wrap Cross Carry


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