Baby Led Weaning & First Meals (Consultation)



Have your little baby started to reach out for your plate and you are not sure if and what to give her to eat?

I will offer you an inspiration how first baby meals should look like, what kids really need and how to introduce real food safely and naturally. You will understand that there is no difference between food for kids and adults and why you do not have to spend a penny for plastic serving sets, baby chairs or any special food and treats. And why you actually should not want to. Besides that I will show you how to have fun with food and how both of you – you and your child – can enjoy it.

The length of consultation is usually 60-75 minutes and we use any of various online platforms (whatever suits you best). If you cannot attend the call for any reason, or if we don´t manage to connect due to technical reasons, we can easily reschedule our meeting – that´s a beauty of our online world.


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