I am a life nomad. I need to travel freely – in a space-time or higher orbits of living. I love simplicity and minimalism that leave enough space to breathe, think and create and never stop putting puzzle pieces of Life together thrilled to see the full picture one day. 

My personal transformational path began several years ago, on 21st December, when I set off for my life-changing journey to Africa – to places where people live their lives in connection with nature and among each other. Where nature laws stand above the laws of men and where true values still matter.

When after almost two years of traveling and living “on the board” I came back home, I started a new expedition – exploring what is there beyond our every day reality and what lies beneath the outer world. I have started to see things from a broader perspective and couldn´t wait to change the world. I wanted to make it a better place, so I joined fairtrade projects and NGOs, travelled with humanitarian missions to Africa and Middle East, but it was still not enough… 

And then my daughter was born. Exactly four years later, on 21st December, she started to knock on our gates and I made another huge step in my being. At that unique and speechless moment I realized that this is the way we can save the world.

Since than I´ve spent every minute with my family, living the values I believe in – love, respect, compassion. Not always is it easy, there are many shades and bumps on the way, but I believe that is the only way how to raise as humankind and create an awakened society where all beings will protect the planet and planet will be again a peaceful place to live.

We decided to change our lives the way we can work online, in order not to sacrifice our time together. We travel, explore, make friend along the way and create together a space we can raise our children into kindness, self-esteem and freedom.