The way we come to this world and what we experience during this life-transforming transition is inevitably written into our brain structures, physical and emotional bodies and spiritual souls. This unique moment defines to a large extent our perception of surrounding environment, our relationships and ourselves. Birth is not only a physical labor, it is primarily a transformational process for both a mother and a child, with immense impact on our evolution as a humankind.

Treasure this moment as if nothing else should matter. Don´t let it be stolen from you, find again a way to your deeper self, put all trust in the natural design and intuitive unconsciouss forces and walk through the process as it has been always meant.

What is at stake is much more than you can imagine. It is not just a little human you´re bringing to this world, it is a hope for the entire planet. Should we want to see peace, love and compassion between people and nations, we should be surrounded by these at the moment of birth. Reconnect with nature and let the new life thrive in this stream of re-awakened intuition.   

Save your birth, save the world.


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