Virtual doula, online childbirth tutor, attachment parenting consultant and support for all who believe it matters how we come to this world, how we live and what we leave behind.


I am here to share my story, to inspire you and support you. I offer all my experience – personal and professional – to help you on your path of a nature-designed motherhood. It is essential to change the way we bring children to this world, the way we raise them and strengthen and nurture relationships within families and communities.  
I believe all this can only happen through restorative return to the Nature and to our instincts, by 
fulfilling our needs in families without separation while detoxing & healing our bodies and minds in respectful and compassionate environment. 

You are very welcome to join me on my way.


Gentle Birth & 
Nature-designed Motherhood

Non-toxic and Compassionate Lifestyle Food

Raising and Empowering Kids with Respect and Love

Nomad Parenting
Worldwise Childhood

Sustainability & Global Education


I am a doula and a certified professional in lactation consultancy, body & mind therapies and childbirth education, living a life full of adventures in our inner and outer worlds, and healing ourselves through respect, love and vibrant living nature. 


Individual Online Courses

Interactive full-scale online courses covering all key areas and topics from balanced pregnancy to antenatal preparation & gentle birth to attachment parenting.

Consulting & Coaching

Individual antenatal courses, lactation consultancy, birth and virtual doula services, workshops of baby wearing, whole-food plant-based diet, prenatal exercises and yoga etc. 

Community Support 

Support throughout your transition to a whole-family life and independent lifestyle, councelling in complicated family situations before and after birth, discussion groups etc. 

no separation

no boundaries

global unity

liquid proximity

The concept is based on respecting the life-giving power of water inside us and all around, present in every moment, connecting all living – pulsing and nurturing. Its proximity in many forms is vital for us from the moment we come to this world until the time of transition to other realms.

It is essential to return to the ancient wisdom and natural design, reconnect mothers with their kids and understand the meaning of proximity and fluidity in our lives. Only by understanding basic evolutionary needs and by bringing them back can we move to awaken and respectful living and parenting.

Liquid Proximity is the safety of mother´s womb and its nurturing fluid; feeling of abundance and love while feeding from the breast; rhythm of hearts united in mother´s arms; flow of mutual learning and exploring; soft and fluid presence of parents respecting and empowering their children; nurturing coexistence with other sentient being and the natural ecosystem. 

It is essential to keep fluidity in our lives and relationships, acknowledge our liquid bodies and water essence and honor with gratitude water both inside us and in the outer world. 

We should aim to nurture and clean our “stream”, which our kids can be then watered from.


Lenka Pinkavová

certified lactation consultant, doula, nomad & mom

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