Child is a crystal clear water stream coming out of mother´s reservoir and is being filled by other little streams and ground water from the environment she lives in. The cleanliness of the stream depends on the inlets from all other flows as well as its ability to clean itself. Some kids are shooting flows and wild torrents, taking all dirt and silt straight away, some are calm and slowly flowing brooks keeping all what comes in.

Raising kind with respect and love can be for many of us as natural as breathing in and out, if our reservoirs are clean and well maintained, but the reality is often quite different. Our water tanks are full of mud and sand sitting on the bottom, not rarely stinky and green. Therefore it is not surprising that our once somehow clearly looking waters can all of a sudden turn into muddy pools if thunderstorm blazes across or someone whirls up the still-bottom. 

And because we do not want to let this out and contaminate our crystal clear child´s streamlet, we install many sets of filters and sophisticated trash racks. We learn what to say in different situations, how to react, what to hold back and how to keep all that stinky emotional reactions away from our kids. They get trapped on the racks together with putrefying unfulfilled expectations, bilgy frustrations or poisonous screams of helplessness. Everything gets caught up in filters, that are slowly turning black and everything seems to work perfectly fine, until the moment the racks are full and filters need to be replaced. When capacity of these system runs out, they collapse. And so do we.

One short rain can cause our reservoirs to overflow without any control. We discharge everything that has been sludging there for our whole life unattended on our kids. If their stream is strong enough, they will cope with it. If not, all the garbage might over time create sluggish bays, blockages and what one was a fresh spring can become a swamp.

Please, take good care of your filtering system, maintain your inner lagoons and nurture the whole ecosystem. But don´t forget to take the shovels and start cleaning your muddy banks out too, so that you don’t have to fear any storm or leakage. Let’s make our streams crystal clear again, in order to be able to water freely where needed and heal our Earth.              

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